Epever XTRA4415N MPPT Solar Charge Controller to EG4 48v 100Ah Lifepo4 Server Rack Battery and also DC Load to EcoFlow Delta Max


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May 10, 2023
Buford GA
Hello! My current system is an Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 connected to (4) SolarEver 410W Panels in a 2S2P config - ea panel is 38.1 VOC, 13 amp so each serial pair is around 75VDC then both strings connected in parallel to the Ecoflow - works like a champ! This first system was a test since I have a lot of shade due to trees around me and non optimal panel placement (thus the 2S2P config as opposed to all serial). It works, but due to the model its limited to 800 watts max solar input which it hits for 3-4 hours per day. Even with this limited setup the 2016 Wh battery is not enough. My thoughts were like another user on here has done - add a MPPT Solar Charger that has > 1500 watt input so I can get FULL power from the 4 panels I have and expand the battery capacity. With this EPEVER model I hoped to take the realistic 1300-1400 watts max PV input at times instead of 800 MAX, so take in more power and also feed it to the larger EG4 5120 Kw battery and then spool out from the panels when in use or battery when no solar at around 600 watts to the Ecoflow (48v? by 13 amps max). I do run the inverter 24x7 for some light loads and another advantage to this config is the low idle power draw. I know a Growatt 3000 48V could do all this itself but the idle draw seems to be around 1.25kw+ per day. The current Ecoflow says 17.5W idle usage, even say its 20W and the EPever says 2.7WMax so at idle less than 23W (.5Kw daily) which it is a lot less as opposed to 55-67 watts on the Growatt and is very useful when you have non optimal solar production.
I'm not set on the Epeaver but it was one of the ones I saw with 48V, >1500W MPPT, Battery and DC Load ports. I did initially look at the Victron units (since they are so well rated) but the Victron with built in MPPT, battery and DC Load ports looks like the biggest is the 100/20 in a 48V version and that maxes at 1160 watts. Thoughts on will this work with the EPEAVER or should I get another MPPT SCC with DC Load port, or this is crazy get the Growatt? ;) Thanks!