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Experience with Ninthcit battery cells from Amazon?


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Nov 27, 2021
Does anyone have any experience with “Ninthcit”, a US based supplier on Amazon, offering “new grade A cells”? I’m considering these 200Ah cells at the current price of $619 for 4:

I searched the forum but none of the mentions of this vendor mentioned their Amazon store.
I‘m hoping that purchasing these through Amazon would be less risky than using Aliexpress or other international vendors, and will have faster shipping. Are these good quality batteries? Are they overpriced for cells shipped from the USA? Are there other alternate sources for good 200 Ah cells?

I’m considering building my own vs purchasing an SOK 206 Ah battery. It looks like at the current price for these cells, and including a BMS, I would save around $250 - $300 if I built a DIY battery (but I wouldn’t have the warranty I would get with the SOK).
The 1-3 star reviews on Amazon are enough for me. Defective cells and poor customer service. If you're going to do DIY, there are reputable sellers documented on this site.
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We purchased 4 200ah cells from Ninthcit on Amazon back in April ($599). Received them 9 days after ordering (shipped from CA). Cells were new, well-packed, with intact QRs. After top-balancing rest delta typically hovers around .003v or slightly less. Delta under .6c load is typically less than .035v. Have logged over 30 cycles with no issues. They advertise a 1 year warranty, but I have no idea whether they stand behind their warranty or not. We ordered via Amazon so we'd have some recourse in the event of non-receipt or an immediate problem upon receipt. FWIW, their current 200ah cells have a different terminal configuration from the cells we purchased.

Another source for cells is Unfortunately, their 200ah cells are currently out-of-stock. Dexter at CC has always provided excellent tech support and goes the extra mile to stand behind what he sells.

Good luck!
Thanks for the helpful replies. I saw this vendor mentioned in several threads but not much related to their customer service through their Amazon store. Many of the other US based vendors mentioned on this forum seem to be out of stock right now (supply chain issues?). I’ll keep an eye on currentconnected and see when they get new inventory.
I'm considering buying a set of 200Ah cells, LMK please if there are any capacity test results!

diy solar

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