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diy solar

FOR SALE: Fortress Power eFlex 5.4 and Sol-Ark complete off grid system


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Aug 30, 2023
I have a 12k and (3) Fortress Power eFlex 5.4 batteries. The system was installed on 6/3/23 works great and is currently in use. I'm selling it because I need to get a 15K system. I can ship but I prefer local pickup. Located in the Eugene, Oregon area. I have all boxes, warranty cards and the cases are in good shape, just a few install scuff marks. I'm not including the rack I already sold it. But you can use a standard industrial shelf or wire rack. I also have the modbus kit to connect to the batteries for closed loop operation. The standard holes are punched on the Sol-Ark for mounting to a gutter. I'm not interested in trades now, asking 13,500 firm. I'd like to sell it all but I'm willing to separate out parts at a higher unit cost. New it will cost you 16,500 + shipping and tax on Eco-Direct. Eco-direct product link

I can provide some installation advice if you need it. This is ideal for off-grid properties but can also be grid tied with net metering.


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Glws. Just curious, why not parallel a second inverter?
Curious on your asking price - since new would be $16500 * .7 = $11500 due to the 30% tax credit.
Sorry. I wasn't getting email alerts for the replies. I'm looking for closer to the asking price. Not desperate.