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Honeywell Liguid Cooled - Bad Nexus control panel - will used eBay panel work with original access code?


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Jul 29, 2023
New Orleans

I recently purchased a home with a HT02524ANAX liguid cooler generator. Genny was working fine (even in some recent outages) for the first couple of months but then during the most recent outage it didnt kick on.

The controller was blank and I assumed it was a battery. Replaced battery and still a nothing. Checked fuses and everything still nothing. I suspected a bad controller but figured Id call Gen Tech to be sure and he confirmed it was a bad controller. The diagnostic fee was only 150 and it was definitely worth it as I got to pick his brain while he was here. Very knowledgeable dude. He mentioned he performed the installation about 10 years ago.

Anyways, they want to charge me 2k to replace the Nexus controller. Looks like a majority of the cost is the part. The best I can find new is about 1400. But I found a used one on eBay for about 600. I even found some controllers even cheaper around 100-200 listed as parts only and in the description they mention its only listed that way due to being untested. But that seems like too much of a gamble to me so Ill prob go with the 600 dollar one.

He mentioned that there was a dealer code that must be entered and some specific parameters that need to be entered to make it work properly and if not correct, would damage Genny.. I found the installation manual and appears he's correct but also inside is the portion that breaks down the model number to enter in the proper parameters for my specific Generator.

My question is about the access code and/or password. The previous owner left very meticulous documentation with the password/access code. My question is will that access code work with a used controller? Is that access code specific to my model/serial of my generator or is it only the controller? In the instructions, it shows where you can go to which gives me hope that the used Nexus controller will work with the original access code.