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Ironridge Conduit Mounts & 100 amp DC Breakers for sale


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Jan 5, 2021
Hi All! I recently obtained a overstock of some Ironridge conduit mounts and magnum 100amp panel breakers. Not looking at making money on these just want them gone to our DIY community.

The Ironridge conduit is the FM-CM-001-B Conduit Mount Kit in Black with 4 mounts per box. They secures to roof deck, no rafter required. Uses same socket size as other hardware. The aluminum flashing is similar if not the same as the flashfoot mount sold elsewhere.
If you need to see what they are look here:
I am open to offers but buy pays shipping - So $20ea+ Shipping?
I have 20 boxes available.

For the breakers they are the Magnum BR-DC100-Bm units. They are panel mount units with lugs on the top and bottom of the breaker ( Facing up and down to allow install in a panel box).
Buyer pays shipping - So $10 ea+ Shipping?
I have 75 breakers available.


Conduit mount.JPGMagnum Breaker.JPG
Bumping this thread to help you get some clicks. That's a great price on those quality breakers. Just need a way to mount them. I was just playing with a one yesterday in fact.

Outback used to make the very useful PSDC but it's long gone. Might be able to find one on eBay some day though.