Just Me?


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Apr 2, 2020
This post is a bit of a rant.....

In 2016 When I was building "Ethyl" *THE* Tool Truck (ETTT) I added an 8kw diesel generator to mostly power the A/C for showroom/display area/sales floor. It also can power the battery charger needed for the now dead SIX 6volt float batteries that are onboard. My dead batteries lead to my plea for help in my previous Post on this forum to learn how to get solar on ETTT. In the generator project I had to learn about and decided to use Andersen connectors.

I bought a very nice crimp tool made by Powerwerx to crimp the Andersen terminals. It came with six dies that could be easily put in the crimp tool to do different styles of terminals. IIt did a great job on those Andersen terminals

In preparation and in anticipation of my solar need, I wondered if one of these six dies would be what would crimp an MC4 terminal to allow me to customize any solar panel cable I might want to make fit my application better.

I phoned Powerwerx and was informed that NONE of the six dies that came with the crimper work for an MC4 terminal. I was further informed that they did NOT have a stand alone DIE BY IT SELF for my crimp tool. I was informed that Powerwerx does however make a STAND ALONE CRIMPER WITH A FIXED DIE for the MC4. Its priced nicely at $25.00.

Powerwerx, WHY IS THERE NO INDIVIDUAL MC4 DIE for MY CURRENTLY OWNED Powerwerx Crimp tool? Now Ill have two crimp handles which seems dumb.


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Dec 17, 2020
Elgin, Texas
I think the MC4 specific tool is handy to have. I can't definitely understand your frustration, but $25 is on the cheap side for the solar industry. I would imagine a die for the crimper would likely be in that price range anyway, so finding a place for the second crimp tool is the only issue.