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  • Hello,
    I am planning my first system, very similar to yours. Getting ready to order the 250 panels from Santan, and a LV2424 MSD (not the hybrid). I would like to use 9 panels, 3S3P. Have you had any issues with over-paneling for this particular all-in-one? Thank you!
    No issues, but my panels are mounted on the roof of my garage at a 10 degree angle (12/2 pitch) facing more east than south. The biggest output I have seen out of my 9 panels is 1600w. The highest voltage I have seen is 103v, so no where close to the 145v limit. I typically push lights (led), Ryobi 40v and 18V charger, 600w window AC, shop vac, power tools, but no big motors. I am very happy with the setup.
    Thanks for the details! Helpful, and reassuring.
    Hi Mr. Rich,
    I am new here, although not my first time around the barn.
    I really appreciate your simple, comprehensive explanation.
    Glad to know you are around. Will Prowse is a great teacher
    and people like you and Will are inspiring to some of us who
    need to know what to do when the lights go out!
    Best to you.
    Rich I just wanted to personally thank you I haven’t bought my wiring for my panels yet but your messages in my post have been the bread n butter to making off grid life work for my family thank you again ,
    P.s. are you affiliated with rich solar by any chance? 😆 been looking at getting my cabling from them
    Nope, not affiliated with anyone. Just fumbling through life and sharing my experiences. Hope all goes well for you!
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