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LiTime Lifepo4 12v 200ah/2560wh 100a bms charging rates


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Apr 16, 2024
How much life will it take off a new lifepo4 bat witch charging it this fast? 75a charger from the Yamaha gasoline generator on a 100a bms lifepo4 bat. 12v bat. 200ah/2560wh

The battery company does recomend 40a charger but it's sort of slow to charge

Does anyone know the charging time math? It's a 200ah bat. So 200amp charger, charges it in 1 hour? 100amp charger charges it in 2 hours? 50 amp charger charges it in how long?
Also keep in mind your cycle depth choice ... while every battery vendor says "our battery can go down to .00001 percent of remaining capacity"**, it's perhaps wise to think about your choice, say, 90% depth of discharge, and try to get within 10% of full. That's about 80% per cycle, and a cycle is roughly however long it takes you to get that 80% off of the battery with your loads.

In my case, I take 150 or so aH per cycle off my LiTime batteries, and put it back on with a magnum 4024 inverter-charger, and there are times when we do that up to twice per day.

Been doing that for 2+ years on a set, which recently got expanded to 2s2p of the same battery type.

Every battery vendor specs differently, and you have to dig into the battery docs, or ask the vendor (LiTime support email will get back to you), but their definition of "cycle" is what you want to know more about. In my case, the numbers are roughly 3k to 6k cycles, and you can do the math from there as to how many years you'll get out of your batteries ...

I expect I'll break something in my brain trying to do the math, long before these LiTimes actually give out ...

** just kidding on this number