diy solar

diy solar

looking for panels in Butte MT


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Jul 7, 2022
Need new or used panels in the general area. There must be some around. Or if you are within 500 miles maybe we can work out a shipping deal for a few.Flexible.
Who is doing close outs now with cheap shipping to Montana? And coupon codes..?? I see the A1 Solar stuff but they want 10 panels minimum.
Give me a lead...
Many choices in the market at the moment, leading to overwhelming info and confusion for those new to the field.

Currently you can find pretty good prices from Current Connected or SignatureSolar.
For example, I paid ~$1800 for 12 of the Hyundai 395w bifacial (includes tax & shipping). I'd suggest contacting the vendors and asking about discounts on panels or shipping.

TBH, I suspected the market prices are artificially low due to dumping by the producers (mostly Chinese), which makes it a good time to buy panels and batteries. In prior business cycles it was often cheaper to buy used panels ( for example santan solar), but new prices are so low that used panels may not make much sense.
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