Magnum ME-ARC / PT100 Absorb Done?


Off-grid Beginner
Jun 30, 2021
Is there a preference when Absorb Done per the ME-ARC settings? Magnum recommended 1.5hrs for my 3p 48v bank. says absorb doesnt apply to LFP batteries in there parameter sheet and recommends 3.65v per cell for all charge stages, which is 51v for my 14S batteries. I am charging to 49.6v in bulk and float is set at 48.0v. Absorb time is pretty short at 49.6v and current drops to 1A in a matter of an hour or less.

I feel like stopping absorb at 1A and then float voltage is a better idea since it doesn't keep the battery at a high voltage for hours through the day.

My system is usually always in bulk or absorb maybe hits float once or twice that I've caught.