diy solar

diy solar

Maple Leaf Moose - 48V 280aH

Never said it was a good price! but still good to see more options in Canada...

Those Volthium ones look pretty decent... I'm going to keep looking!
Any luck? I've been trying to fi d a reasonable ontario canada supplier of solar off grid stuff for months, doesn't seem to be many good options s for all in one spots
Looks like this is coming, pre-order to Canada. $6,500 CAD

Appears to be a branded version similar to the EG4 PowerPro, but with lower cost connectors, BMS, etc.

Any initial thoughts?

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These are now $6800 CAD
If you compare it with the EG4 Power Pro, those are $4049 USD, but on sale for $3799 USD currently
Those USD prices are equal to $5,154-$5493 CAD currently

So per battery, the moose one seems to be $1307-$1646 CAD more than the Power Pro.

That's quite the extra cost for basically the same thing.

I do like the options we have popping up lately for products sold in Canada but the premium for it is quite high at the moment still.
I don't know how hard or expensive it would be to have a couple of Power Pros shipped up here but you wouldn't think it'd be as much as the price disparity we seem to have per battery.