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  • Hi all, Australian from Tasmania, newbie. Have an old motorhome with 300 watt 24 volt Jinko panel on roof charging 3 x 105AH GSM batteries.
    Want to add a second panel, a 265watt Qcell 24 volt in series.
    Have Victron MPPT 100 20 controller so should handle it.

    Is this the best for my hardware or should I look at parallel? and what would be the advantage?
    Kermit 2404
    Hello there. I live in Ontario too. don't mean to bother you. I bought 16 batteries from someone on this
    site. very popular. I am wondering how long does it take before you get a tracking order? Thanks in advance
    You can get a tracking # quick, but it won't start till it's on the continent and moving. Some carriers are better than others. In my case, more often than not it's 3rd party subs delivering. Well since Covid slowdowns anyway. But I am I'm in the boonies, so...
    Raw Raw
    Ok I ordered first week of Feb and don't have a tracking # yet so been more than 6 weeks didn't know if that is normal thanks
    I didn't know about the cancer.
    I just found out reading the "battery day" article.
    I will pray for you Steve.
    You can unplug the BMS Display Module, it will not affect the system running and plug it in when you want it.
    Bluetooth comes with several caveats and many do not realize this and I am not into educating folks on systemic security and data access from devices using bluetooth. For me to do so, eamns putting on my IT Engineer hat again for > $1K per diem NET.
    I helped Chargery with manuals & suggestions because it helped me and others as well plus made for a better product too, that was my only reward and a good one I think.
    And I am VERY happy that you did help them. And for that you get a big hug from a fat old broad LOLOL. :p
    I know about the security risks of bluetooth etc. I would only want to change it because of an emergency anyhow.
    As for unplugging the BMS monitoring system. That would defeat the whole purpose of having one for me. Because how would I know how much amps I have used if I disconnect it?
    NEW Chargery 4.1 Manuals, MANY changes and new updates have been added and sent up to Chargery for completion & updating to their site.
    New Shunts, DCC Smart Relays and more just to tickle our socks into action. Hopefully all updates should be up by end of week July-31. Boy oh Boy they've been busy listening & hearing and implementing the solutions.
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    Jason sent me the link a few days ago. So I am assuming it is the same. :)
    I hope. :)
    NEW Chargery Owner's Manuals 4.1 delayed, should now be available week of July 13th.
    Chargery has selected a different type of shunt to be supplied along with a few other adjustments which will be reflected in the new manuals.
    Apparently some minor tweaks to the firmware is also happening.
    Hi Steve
    Fellow Ontarian
    I want to buy the same batteries as the rest of the group and was quoted ( Product price + freight = $330.68*2+$668=$1329.36 ..... UPS, including tax (you don't need to pay extra fee), arrive at the door, arrive in about 10 days .
    Did you have to pay any Duty and Taxes on top of the order and doesn't 10 days seem rather fast for Freight?
    2 feet of snow to cleanup UGH ! and more coming Double Ugh.... Here spring, come on spring, whistle, whistle, Here Boy ! come on, time to warm up now !
    Hi Steve This is my initial set-up: 160 watt Overland Solar, Victron 100/30, Blue Sea 7622 relay... for short trips, LED lights, water pump (using sparingly) and 2 way isotherm frig (3 cubes). Instead of running two batteries, advised to go with a 200 amp LiFepo4. That what I am trying to do...Alibaba is not Amazon... very confusing! Do u think 200 amps will work in this set-up? Thanks for your help. Tim
    The ShunBin 24v/400AH pack arrived !
    The pre-install snooping has begun, hehehe. Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge, Eh What !
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