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Mar 22, 2021
We're currently in fresh water and have used our system in the boat for 3 summer seasons. The system is 4 batteries (4 cells each) inside the salon settee (photo of interior of boat-batteries are under the seating furthest left by the holes in the side) inside it's case. It was previously 2 batteries (8 cells each) and we've reconfigured. We're heading to salt water in about 6 months and we're concerned about the open bms situation and possible corrosion/failure. I don't know if it's a legit concern or not based on the location in the boat. Then I fell into a rabbit hole during a search for some sort of spray protectant for the bms since it's not enclosed. I am now also wondering if our 'box' is adequate. It holds the batteries tight to each other so they cannot move or chafe but do we also need something between each cell? We also made a cover to go over the terminals as well as a cover over the bms for protection but they're not sealed off to the air. I've included some photos to show where they're located in the boat, the old configuration and installation in the boat and the new configuration and cover (currently in the house after doing another top balance and reconfigure during the winter). Three questions..... 1) does anyone have an idea of something (spray or other) to protect the bms from corrosion or is this not necessary? 2) Does our setup look adequate? 3) We've also been searching for some longer bus bars so we can add a compression bar in the middle between the 2 sets of cells



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