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Need a storage solution [Mexico]


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Oct 4, 2021
Hi, I have been searching good battery solution for the new solar system i'm building right now.

What I got so far :
10 x 400W solar panels (Voc 49.3 V)
2 x 60A Charge controller
1 x 3000w/6000w Inverter

It will be a 48V system.

The problem I have now are the batteries. Most if not all LiFePo4 solution I found in youtube videos or aliexpress link do not even ship to Mexico.
So far locally I found some decent price on LTH L-8D-1125 AR (écnicas/170043 ). A battery store told me they where deep cycle but I did notice it have a CCA rating and no AH rating so I'm assuming it's not and i'm going to eventually kill them, right?

I also found option on battery hookup, like buying ton of modem batteries and make a pack myself, but the shipping price is more than the batteries price so i'm still looking for other option before going that route.

Else, I'm still looking for aliexpress option that ship to mexico and that the shipping price is lower than the batteries. So far I found that ( ) but that store is not old and while I saw some other interesting option on aliexpress, most of them have random looking name or are new vendors (less than a year).

Any of you got experience getting batteries in Mexico?
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how far into mexico are you ?

might be worth to drive to texas, as i believe signature solar is there
I just did.

Look like I might need a forwarder in Miami. I never used a forwarder, I have to take a look.
one of these supplier has a warehouse in texas.
i suppose it wouod be easier to find a ride from texas to mexico than from miami

diy solar

diy solar