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NodeJKBMS Published - JK BMS Remote Data Monitoring With MQTT Publishing


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Sep 18, 2022
Over the past several months I spent some time porting an earlier github project called NodeJBD to support the JK BMS. This is a node.js written application which polls active data parameters from the JK BMS and displays on command line, or the data can be published to MQTT and read by other applications. I run this on a Raspberry Pi 4 as an MQTT input to my custom Victron/Multiplus-II ESS Mode 3 implementation written in Node-RED to display volts/amps/SOC/cell deltas among many other parameters.

Would love it if anyone with a JKBMS would test this out and report any issues or contribute to the code base!

NodeJKBMS on Github
This is awesome. I'm gonna order a jk bms and try this out. I'll deffinatly bug check it for ya. Great work.