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Outback GS8048A and EG4 batteries


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Jan 29, 2023

I need any assistance with configuring the outback gradient inverter with four new EG4 batteries.

The customer previously had 24 lead acid batteries that they inherited when they bought the home from someone else. The system was not maintained in any way.

The old batteries are already been disconnected and removed and the system is currently an offline until we build a rack to put the batteries in.

I need assistance with configuring the inverter to work with these type of batteries. I currently have no previous experience without back inverters.
I don't see communications set up, but two batteries will start and run that inverter:

Here's a good thread to read:
Great, thank you for the reply. I have viewed this video but it does not show the settings. I have everything else covered. The existing settings in the inverter are for lead-acid batteries.

There are three charge controllers connected to the outback radian. I don't want to take a chance connecting the batteries unless I can put the correct settings in. I will have to enter the settings manually from the MATE3S controller.
I don't see communications set up, but two batteries will start and run that inverter:

Here's a good thread to read:
This was extremely useful and helpful. Thank you!
Hello everyone. Just an update on the post.

The GS8048A & EG4 LifePO4 x 4 Batteries setup is now up and running. See picture below of the peak output we are getting.

Coincidentally, a roofing contractor had to take up all of the solar panels and found a damaged one (picture below).

This led to us replacing 8 x 150VDC 15 Amp breakers with the fuses and fused holders listed below. They were undersized or damaged from the shortage and they all kept tripping.

I made adjustments to the settings based on the feedback from the links listed below:

I have screenshots of the charging settings attached as well. Outback Support recommended Mini-Grid mode because the voltage and frequency is not stable (Freeport, Grand Bahama). We are not sending any power back to the grid.

This seems to work fine as of the last four days. But I would appreciate any feedback to get proper usage out of the batteries if the settings can be reviewed.

Thanks to everyone for the help!!

IMG-20230511-WA0012.jpgScreenshot 2023-07-24 144427.pngScreenshot 2023-07-26 133958.pngScreenshot 2023-07-26 133942.pngScreenshot 2023-07-26 133423.png
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