Power Relay 230v 50A


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Mar 9, 2021

I am using Studer Inverter with 9.8KWhr battery backup and grid connected as well. Lithium (LFP) battery BMS is bluetooth based and have developed using Raspberry PI Zero W which does the following
1. Continue to capture the bluetooth message (BLE) and parse
2. Display the data onto TFT screen
3. Send it to google spread sheet every minute -- for recording keeping remote

Now want to have relay to control the inverter grid feed -- want to cut the grid connection when solar battery is >50% and < 90% (this will ensure that solar is fed to Grid once the battery is fully charged).

Now can anyone suggest good relay -- 230V, 50Amps which i can control using RaspBerry Pi zero -- so would need the a compatible relay control hat