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Recovering bricked / bootloader schneider context XW inverter with InsightHome

Yeah, like a little hole you push a pin in to set everything back to original firmware. Could have used that a couple months ago when everything was so bricked (in a pro) that all insight selections, including restore defaults, was greyed out. In the end I believe it was BECAUSE I was using an external ps to power the insight. That was from another off-grid system, and I essentially introduced another ng bond. I think anyways.
I did something like that. Accidentally operated my CC and XW+ on two different batteries while they were not paralleled together. I believe it caused a xanbus power supply error in the CC but not positive about anything. I've had the greyed out problem several times and always had to fight it out with firmware updates and stuff.

This reset button is for real? Can you share every detail you know about it, like where it is on an XW Pro and if you know any procedure steps like hold for 20s or hold while powering? Edit: Wait I think I misread and you're joking. I could really use one of those too.
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Lol. I'm not actually sure, I picked it up at work IT. It's the nicer way of saying idiot check, when you're talking about going back and checking for obvious glaring problems. Like "Can we do a sense check and go confirm it's actually plugged into port 3?"

Common sense check, I guess, when the problem may be resulting from a common sense fault.

Or maybe a check of the senses, like double check that your eyes are working lol.

Sanity check my code.
Thanks everyone for their insight.

So I have managed to get a hold of Schneider's support . The gentleman I was talking to informed me that the COMBOX is not supported to load .12 firmware on the SW4048 and that I should buy the insight home box. If that fails only then they will look into helping out with service / replacement etc.

I'm having a challenging time to accept that answer as I have done firmware upgrades (albeit not from boot loader ) to my other SW. Anyone know what's the best place to buy one ? I'm planning to buy an XW Pro any way at some point so I guess it makes it easier to justify the insight home box.

I'm in Canada and prices seem to be twice to what is being asked for it in US. Or is there anyone around GTA , Ontario that would be willing to help out here with the flash ?
Quick update. Got the insight home. Plugged it in and the inverter showed up in standy mode and not bootloader mode as combox was showing it.

So back in business , maybe even didn’t need it as perhaps sitting there disconnected for over the week was enough to get it back.

Not liking the insight so far but perhaps need some time with it.
Perhaps some know how to:
1) Get it to configure to read over tcp . I currently used home assistant to read my combox . I thought to get the insight to work all I needed to do was to change the port and the ip address. Doesn’t seem to work.

2) in order to have the proper readout from the inverter I have to manually refresh it. Combox updates it in near real time in the browser. Is there a trick to have it work like that with the insight home?

diy solar

diy solar