diy solar

diy solar

Schneider 24v Inverter plus AC/DC disconnect


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Nov 19, 2023
I am near Denver if you want to pick up and save the shipping -

All items are new/never installed. The inverter is still in the box the other two items are not. All documentation included.

I am willing to split and ship individual parts at the price below or you buy it all for $700 + shipping

Shipping - you pay actual cost -
For the switches: I take to the UPS store/kinkos and let them box it and ship it. These are not overly heavy.
For the inverter I will just tape up the box good and ship it in the original packing - this is 62lbs.

All payment in advance - we can work out the details -

$350- 1 x Conext SW 2524, part number: 865-2524 (new in box)
$250 - 1 x DC Switch Gear, part number: 865-1016
$250 - 1 x AC Switch Gear, part number 865-1017


diy solar

diy solar