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Schneider XW Pro battery emulator software supported?


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May 20, 2024
So this guy on Youtube Dala is his name has a Fronius inverter working with his Nissan Leaf's EV battery without disassembling the battery housing I'd like to do the same but with a Schneider XW Pro 6.8.. I haven't yet bought a hybrid inverter though and this is my main issue he has a Github for the software required to make this work that shows compatibility Schneider isn't on that list I'm unsure exactly what type of code configurable setting he is using to communicate with the inverter

This is definitely the path I'm looking to head down if you look at that link it shows many compatible EV batteries such as Tesla that work with his software without the headache of prying into the battery shell if any of you can shed light on if Schneider can communicate with that or not I'd appreciate it.. Otherwise I might be getting a Fronius Inverter..

Also here's Dala's youtube video demonstrating the install working with the EV battery.. if this post is in the wrong sub please move this is my first post thanks
Schneider has published Modbus maps for the XW Pro so the CAN to RS485 converter shown in the video should be able to communicate with the Schneider InsightHome via RS485. InsightHome also has Modbus TCP connectivity if a suitable adapter is available.
See attached documents.


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Thank you while I now know that it can communicate via Modbus I still am unsure if Schneider is compatible with BYD HVS batteries.. BYD has the world's largest iron-phosphate factory.. HVS appears to stand for High Voltage Small they've published a compatibility sheet similar to the Github specs above Inverter List-V2.10-63d76b3b31b89.pdf I'm not entirely sure what all that means other then I need to be compatible and I'm coming up blank with my search so I'm still leaning towards Schneider not working with this
Schneider XW Pro is a 48V inverter. The working voltage range is approx. 40V to 70V so it is not compatible with HV batteries which are in the hundreds of volts. In some cases, HV batteries are made up of several modules connected in series and can be broken down into different configurations with lower voltages but then a different BMS is needed.
Yeah, as Bentley stated, the HUGE issue with your idea isn't the communication protocol and getting them talking. It is the fact that you'll blow up the 48 volt inverter when you connect the 400 volt EV traction battery to it!
I see that now and it's difficult to accept I'm not even sure if the HVS inverters would be worth it over the Schneider for off grid which is what I imagine I'll start out doing if I get a place of my own considering load capacity and price and all that but I'll try not derail this thread too much.. really wanted a cheaper battery solution with a high load inverter without reassemblely of a EV pack and the Fronius seems to handle just 22 amps max I'll regather my thoughts probably post again, thanks for your input all.
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