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diy solar

Searching for contractor to install 15kw hybrid system in Parker, CO


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Aug 1, 2023
Parker, CO

I am shopping systems and am tired of the turnkey options that lock you in for 25 years. Something like this looks very competitive, but I don't have time to do it all myself and would like the help of a contractor. Please get in touch with me.

Colorado is NEC2020 so your system will require UL9540 certification / listing. Looking at the Sol-Ark site for listed batteries, I do not see the EG4-LL listed, also systems require rapid shutdown and that kit does not have the RSS modules for each panel as required by code.

You need permits which will mean a full set of plans stamped by a PE and all listed equipment. If you do not have the time to design and specify the equipment, the you will need someone to do it for you including purchasing equipment that can be used in a permitted installation.

Summary is you find a licensed contractor licensed and listed with your state board and then work through the process, don't buy anything first as that kit isn't legal in most states as it lacks RSS and UL9540 listings
Start with Gold Installers (most installs):

I'm in Castle Rock, Colorado. My plans got approved July 7th and I'm installing my own system using a Sol-Ark 15K and 73 460W and 550W Bluesun panels. I used Greenlancer to take the plans I had been working on (I can't say enough good things about them) and turn them into official plans that I submitted to the Castle Rock Building department. Greenlancer did such an amazing job, I think if you just give them the parts you want along with the locations you want to install your panels they can take it from there. I used IronRidge's online design tool to create the racking which Greenlancer used and I could actually submit the plans from IronRidge directly to Greenlancer.

For batteries I'm using SOK 5kW.

Talk with Dexter at CurrentConnected to put a package together for you. You can source panels from other locations. I directly ordered two pallets of panels from Bluesun.

diy solar

diy solar