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Selling to the grid with the XW6848


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Feb 20, 2024
I have recently upgraded my batteries to the EG4 Lifepower4 48 volt batteries and an insight home to help monitor and control everything. I have a MPPT 80 600 and a XW6848 grid ties and three 48 volt EG4's. Here is my problem, the system is not selling to the grid as it is set up to do. The MPPT is only allowing enough solar to power the load minus 100 watts that is taken from the grid. I know the array can produce a lot more than that as I was pushing 5Kw to the grid and the satisfying the load with my old lead acid batteries. I have noticed that when the load goes up, so does the solar output. Strange. I hope that is enough info on my system.

Here is a screen print of the insight local
So my question is, which device should I be looking at that controls the selling to the grid and what settings would cause this to happen?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Is this a XW6848+ or Pro? There have been several discussions on the forum regarding Sell Back not behaving as expected, specifically Enhanced Grid Support functions.

There are 2 main settings of interest, Float Voltage (on the charge controllers) and Grid Support Voltage. Others have solved this issue by setting both of the these at the same value. Something like 54.0V is a good starting point with a range of 53.6 to 54.4V.

If you can post screen shots of the set up menus, you will get better responses from the several forum members with similar systems.
here is a screen print of the data sheet for my batteries and the MPPT and Inverter.



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