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Seplos BMS V3 Bluetooth


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Jul 19, 2022
I am not able to use my android phone to connect to the seplos app. It started off seeing a device now it's not even listing the device on the connection screen. Is there something I can do in the dev studio on pc software to activate it.
what app are you using there are 2 one for ver 3 BMS and one for older BMS ?

Have you tried to remove the app and re installing it ?

yes you can turn on/off bluetooth using the PC monitor
It's an app called seplos got from the website. On the older version you had a login box doesn't seem to do it on the new version
After messing around I have reinstalled the app that was listed on Andy off grid garage drive. I was able to use a Samsung tablet to connect to it but not my oppo find X5 pro. Both devices can see the device but one.says connection failed.
Does anyone have the password to change settings in this new app?
No, I have reached out to Seplos and asked for it, but for some reason they don't want users to have access to it 🤷‍♂️
So, if for some reason you can't connect to the PC software, this battery cannot be managed? WTF
the password doesn't and this doesn't work for me. anyone with any news? I should change the communication parameter with the inverter and I can't help