Sizing Daly BMS


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Mar 16, 2021
Background: Selected a Daly BMS 150 amp for 24V 280aH System for use in Sprinter RV

Battery: Buying/Building a 24v Battery Bank -8 EVE 280AH LiFePO4 (LFP) 3.2V Cells Battery LF280K buying through Amy @ AliB, As these are long lead items I am buying these first before I have everything else sorted - I did look at GYLL/ED4 but welded bus bars scared me if i need to replace a cell and they were double the price..
Invertor/Charger: 24V Likely Multiplus 3,000W (also looking at Growatt & Kisae
Loads - I don't have all this figured out yet but will buy a Midea U AC (which I will split) which i will run off invertor and I am guessing is 10 amp draw at start up, I dont intend to use at same time but will also buy an ~1800W induction stove/1000 W microwave /1500W hair dryer

So I have looked at a few BMS options (Overkill, Electrodacus & Daly) and I think I have coalesced on a 150amp 24v Daly 8s BMS -

I guess I could select a 200 amp for even more headroom but does that just consume extra energy for no gain - I think I appreciate that BMS is kind of last resort to protect battery so hope to do design the rest of the system to make sure it does not get triggered.

Any flaws with the logic - feel free to tell me what else I have missed and need to investigate, I have a thick skin so calling me dumb is opportunity to learn.

TLDR 150 amp BMS adequate ?