Solar/Lithium setup for GD 311BHS 5th Wheel


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Aug 15, 2023
I recently install the below components in my 5th wheel. Next step is to upgrade the OEM 370w Furrion panel. I'd like to install four 330w panels I found on FB marketplace. They're supposed to be new Sunpower panels. I'm wondering if anyone has ever used these and if there is an issue using panels like this on an RV. The model on the sticker is "SPR-E20-330-COM-MLSD". They're $180/ea. The specs on the sticker are below.

W: 330 W
Vmp: 54.7 V
Imp: 6.04 A
Voc: 64.9 V
Isc: 6.52 A
Max Series fuse: 15A

Victron Multiplus ii 3k/12v
Cerbo GX
GX Touch 50
Orion DC DC 30A
Victron MPPT 150/100
Lynx Distributor
BB GC3 270Ah x 2
In a 2s2p configuration, you should get around 130 volts (Voc), which is enough under the 150 Volt Max PV Input of the Victron 150/100.

I used Mission Solar 320 watt panels on my RV. Just make sure you have room on the roof before you buy them. If you use Z brackets to mount the panels, be aware that the brackets need at least 1" of clearance beyond the panel frame.