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Solar Panel to Solar Generator question


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Dec 8, 2021
Pretty new to the solar game and hoping some of you knowledgeable folks can help me out.

I recently purchased a Bluetti EB150 Solar Generator. I also have a Renogy 200W solar panel suitcase I wanted to use to charge the EB150. My question is, the MC4 male and female connectors on the cord with the DC7909 connector that came with the EB150 are clearly marked '+' and '-', but they are the reverse of what I need to connect to the Renogy panels. I need the positive connector to be female and the negative connector to be male. Can I safely switch the MC4 male and female connections on the DC7909 cord? Or am I better off making a new cord with the proper male and female connections to connect the DC7909 to MC4 cord that came with the Bluetti and the solar panels MC4 connectors?

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Can you show the picture of the adapter?
I have EB70 and the MC4 to DC7909 which has correct polarity.
Here's a photo of the adapter.


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That is the same cable I have.
On this adapter cable, the MC4 with the Male terminal pin (the metal pin inside the MC4) is the Positive connector that is plugged into the MC4 female terminal receptacle from the panel. If you check with the Ohm meter you will see that the inner shell and the center pin are connect to this male MC4.
The MC4 Male connector:
I do not see the labels you mention.
Do you panels have the same MC4 polarity configuration like this?
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