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Solar setup to go camping: Renogy Vs Dokio


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Jul 7, 2023
Good morning,
I'm a newbie in the solar gears but I learn quickly;)
My use case to be able to go camping and be off the grid, quite simple.

I want something easy to setup and performant as well (so ideally a panel which can be stored easily in the boot) and I'd like to be able to leave my panel outside in the campsite when I'm away and not getting stressed because it start to rain and I left everything outside...

I was thinking of usinf the following equipment:
1 Jackery Explorer 240
and for the panels I hesitate between these 3 models:

The renogy (£151) looks more sturdy but will require an extra adaptor cable (£15).
Not sure about the fifferences between the 2 Dokio models,

Any advices on these models would be very much appreciated! Of course if you have better sugegstion I'm more than happy to listen to your precious advice!

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards