Stupid question about H6 SolarCity...


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May 26, 2021
Mideast U.S.A.
Hello all.
Running this H6 grid-tied inverter from photovoltaic panels and injecting its AC output to the grid trough a 30 Amperes circuit breaker. No batteries, all is fine.

If instead of the 30A breaker; a tiny isolation plain AC transformer is used just to make the grid parameters 'presence' known to the H6 inverter (showing perfectly accurate grid AC voltage and grid AC frequency to the inverter) But totally incapable of injecting meaningful power onto the grid.

Grid <--------------------- 30A breaker <------------------------- H6 inverter <------------------------ PV panels.

Replaced with

Grid -----------------> tiny 1:1 transformer-------------X<------------- H6 inverter <---------------- PV panels

Can the point 'X' supply the inverted not-from-grid energy to a dwelling ?
That is, the 'inverted' outputted energy to supply a house but not injected into the grid.
That is, the grid used only as reins for the inverter.
That is, grid controlled off-grid system :rolleyes:
Am not after this configuration, just trying to learn hidden cracks and inner workings.

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