The world’s largest single-site solar farm just came online

One good sandstorm will frost up that glass pretty quick I am thinking...
Well I'd say @SamG340 now I realise it works out ONLY 20 panels per house... lol.

But seriously, not sure I'm allowed to say most of them on this forum! ?
Wazzock is a good one

"He's a right wazzock"
"Stop being such a wazzock"
lol, where the heck does the word wazzock come from?
I've read that a lot of Saudis like to keep their houses around 60 degrees inside, and wear sweaters to stay warm. Yeah, I've read a lot of things on the interwebs, but that was from an article on a reputable site. Anyway, 20 panels per house seems like a low number to me. We have 22 and no air conditioning.
In the African dessert ( Sahara) ? Good luck with that