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Tigo data on EG4 monitoring portal

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Maricopa, AZ
Sep 26, 2023
Maricopa, AZ
I was surprised to see that the EG4 monitoring portal actually shows some of the Tigo monitoring data. The strange thing is it doesn't show all the panels being monitored - only a seamingly random selection of them. It's not a big deal - I wasn't even expecting to see the Tigo monitoring data there at all, but if they're going to include it, it's useless if they don't include at least all the panels. If there weren't enough space that would be one thing, but I only have 11 panels in my backyard and you can see it's leaving plenty of blank spaces where it could include the missing panels. Just kind of weird. @EG4_Jarrett, @EG4-Jacob, @EG4_Ty - any thoughts?


From the Tigo monitoring portal:
Yeah, I just added this myself, we are in the middle of snow, so nothing really happening, but I only see 2 panels right now.
Is your EG4 monitoring portal still showing the TYGO information, I have not been able to get mine to work.
Does anyone else have issues with getting the TYGO information on the EG4 monitoring portal? It seems fairly simple just add it to the configuration / devices page in the action item, and it should work. Is there a set up item that I am missing?
Note: I have a premium account on TIGO.
I know for me, some days the Tigo information shows up, and other days (like today) I can see the panels represented but no data... not sure if that is the fault of Tigo or of EG4, but I haven't cared enough to try and do anything about it ;)
I recently added the TIGO optimizers to a small set of panels to experiment with their RSD and Optimization capabilities. I have a EG4 6000xp connected to only 4 370W panels each with a TIGO device on them. I have the EG4 Monitor site running and added the tigo devices. It has worked but for the last few days the data is either totally missing or doesn't update for hours. I can see the information on the TIGO data site, and it matches fairly close with what the inverter is reporting on the EG4 Monitor site. BTW I did pay for the premium TIGO service so EG4 could access the Tigo API.

Is anyone using this and if so, are you satisfied with the reporting? Below is a screenshot of my EG4 monitor and you can see the 4 panels reporting data but when I took this it was 4 hours old. Good thing I have solar assistant backing both of these up.

Any ideas, comments, etc...

Is this reporting accurately to the Tigo Premium account but not the monitoring system?
It seems so although for a period this weekend the TIGO site did not update either -- right now they are all blank on EG4 monitor and have been most of the day they are all reporting on the TIGO site-- they seemed to get one update last evening before the sun went down but have been blank since early this morning -- I have 16 displayed but only four panels with actual optimizers on them. Thanks for reaching out.

Mike E.
Is this reporting accurately to the Tigo Premium account but not the monitoring system?
Having same issue. Tigo Premium, data shows up.. sometimes... last few weeks no data, just shows panels..

If I change the layout, it changes/updates the position of the panels in EG4 monitoring site immediately, so I know it's connecting, just not pulling panel data now.

I've noticed the panel layout in Tigo cannot have any spacing, or the layout displayed in EG4 Monitoring site gets wonky with spacing. I have every panel lined up to the left to right and seems to show all panels correctly now.. Just the data has stopped.
I know the Tigo refreshes their data every 10 minutes with the CCA. Does the Tigo monitoring system show the data on their end like the following screenshot?


Also a few videos helpful with the Tigo integrations are the following: