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Valence XP Super Thread

Yeah £500 each is way over the top but hey they are yours to do with as you wish , I got mine on eBay at a very keen £90 a battery I bought 10 , I wish I’d have bought more but I wasn’t sure if they would be useful at the time of purchase.
Are yours the u27-36xp batteries ? Fancy putting up a picture or two ?
Really wish I could find the u27-36xpd for £90 each at the moment. :)
Yeah , I’ve just bought 6 more from eBay , had to pay more for those , £800 so £133 each which is still cheap given what they are capable of . The 6 I’ve just purchased actually originated from the same place but passed through a few peoples hands after so I’m glad the batteries are the same age and I think they’ll perform the same as my original 10 .
Hi All,

I have 4 XP27s in parallel at my cabin with solar charging and generator if needed. Lately they get down to 12.9v in morning before sun hits. Are they being hurt by this?

A bit late but no, their safe cutoff discharge voltage is 10.0V - so oodles of room... I would not have thought they are even half discaharged at 12.9V...
U27-12XP discharge curve.jpg
Forgive me but I do not want to read through this entire (enormous) thread but would be interested in a *cheap* ('ish) solution to the issue of monitoring a bunch of U27-12XPs all at once rather than having to do them one at a time via the Valence diagnostic app...
Anyone got any links to something, please?
I have a bank of three U27-12XP batteries wired in parallel.

I'm trying to set up a Mastervolt Powercombi-12-1200-50 inverter charger's settings to work with this bank.

The variables I can control are bulk charge voltage, bulk charge time, absorption charge voltage, absorption charge times, float charge voltage and equalization voltage, undervoltage protection, and overvoltage protection.

The undervoltage I've turned up to 12, decreased overvoltage to 15, and set equalization at 12.0 since I apparently can't turn it off.

I increased bulk voltage to 14.4, set absorption at 14.2, and set float at 13.6

Finally, the "times" are throwing me for a loop as I thought that these modes were dependent on depth of discharge. The defaults are 4 hours for bulk, 2 for absorption. Leave those alone? Change them? Divide battery capacity by the voltage selected for the modes and calculate bulk time to be 90% of that and absorption to be 10%? Not sure what to do about those two settings.
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