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Victron Multiplus 2 48V wiring help on RV


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Feb 22, 2023
Austin, Tx
I purchased Victron 48V Multiplus 2 inverter and I am trying to wire it up in RV configuration. I know there is 2*120 volt for 12 and 24V batteries. I honestly I thought two will work the same. To my disappointment, I realized that 48V one has different plug that 2*120 one.
Is there any chance I can wire it or configure it so I can use both AC Out1 and Acout2 while inverting?

I am not sure what to do with L2. I can wire it directly to second side of the breaker and add L1 jumper switch for inverting only and 30 Amp connection. Included you'll find schematic.

Please advise.


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You have purchased a single phase only inverter for an RV wired for split phase.

The 2x 120 until is still a single phase unit; however, it intelligently handles switching back and forth between 30A and 50A shore power. when inverting or on 30A shore, it shorts L1 to L2 to feed L2. When on 50A shore, it charges from and passes through L1 to L1 and simply passes
though L2.

On the non-2x. AC out 2 is the same phase as AC out 1. When AC out 2 is active, it is simply shorted to AC out 1 internally, i.e., they are completely identical sources.

Its default behavior is to only be engaged when AC input is active. You can change the behavior of AC out 2 via programming.

If you want power to L2, you need to short it to L1.

If you plug into 50A shore power like that, you need to have a custom cable that only feeds L1 to the inverter and does nothing with L2. Yes. Effectively replacing the 50A system with a 30A one.
Ok, I get it. Is it possible to program the inverter to have both L1 and L2 while inverting?
So I have options, add a manual switch to jump L1 and L2 when inverting on a single phase like a generator or 20/30A circuit.
On 50 Amp the switch would be open and feed two sides of the breaker box correctly.

The second option is to wire a jumper between L1 and L2 and use only 30 Amp or lower amperage.
Ok, I get it. Is it possible to program the inverter to have both L1 and L2 while inverting?

No. The inverter only puts out L1. Period. It is not a split phase inverter. You can short L1 to L2 get get power on the second leg.

If you're referring to AC out 2 as L2, that's not correct.

You might be able to "invert" the AC out 2 to behave opposite, i.e., if inverting, it's ON feeding the second leg with L1, and if on shore, it's off allowing you to feed L2 from 50A shore. You would have to figure that out for yourself. It might take an assistant.

What you should really do is get a second one and put it in true split phase! 50A problem solved. :)

Then you'd just make a custom 30-50A adapter that only feeds the 50A umbilical with L1 leaving L2 open. The L1 inverter would charge and pass through shore to L1. The L2 inverter would invert on L2.