What is the best way to combine the 3 wires from BMS C- or B- into 1 terminal/wire?


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Hi all,

What is the best option to combine Overkill Solar BMS wires for either C- or B- into 1 wire so it can be hooked up to Battery negative? I think each wire is 10 AWG.

Can we put a ring terminal on each end and connect to a piece of copper bar and have a wire coming from the battery negative also connected to the copper bar? Also instead of copper bar maybe we can use Stud Type Junction Blocks.



Strip off enough of the insulation, twist them together if you want and cram them into a single cable lug. However, before you do the crimp, arrange the wires and lug on the target terminal. That way the wires sit well in the lug without any stress. Then do the crimp.

Three 10 gauge wires is equivalent to one 5 gauge wire.

I combined the three wires into one lug for one of my batteries. The other battery I used one lug on each wire. The three wires into one lug method worked a lot better and was a cleaner install.