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Will it last? Victron 24/1200 inverter charging my EV at 600W for many hours at a time


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Jun 13, 2022
My 2019 eGolf can be set to charge no higher than 5A. This setting even works when level 1 charging.
10 hours of charging of level 1 at 5A would be about 5KWH of capacity, or better than 20 miles of range. I only use 8 miles/day.

Figure when it's not charging my EV, in an emergency it can power the fridge and freezer as I've read the Victron has good surge capability. They consume 150W and 90W running, the fridge gets up to 500W in defrost mode.

For those with the Victron 24/1200 inverter, will it hold up to 10 hours of continuous 600W draw?