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    SolArk Install Plan

    Solark contacted me about the F18 errors I've been getting. I told them that I was running all of my loads from the grid because every time I got the F18 error, my inverter would reset and I would lose power to my loads that were coming from the inverter. They must have done the firmware update...
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    Cheap Chinese junk: I'll trow my 3 Daly controllers in the garbage bin. ANGRY!!!

    I made that mistake once and I won't forget it. I didn't get burnt but I did melt the terminal off one of my cells and destroyed my ratchet. It made me realize how easily that can happen if I am not being careful
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    NEWS: Florida legislature considers ending solar net metering (Nov.23.2021)

    That link insists that you sign up to continue reading. Great news though.
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    Maybe I am confused. I thought the JK was the same as Heltec that goes to 24s
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    I noticed you have a JK BMS. And I was wondering if JK would work correctly with 18s. I am curious about using 18s and I like using BMSs. You say they beep and turn off. Is that because you can't set it correctly to use 18s? I know a lot of people don't use BMSs and it doesn't bother me.
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    Why did you quit using BMS's?
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    Heltec (JK) 200A Smart BMS with 2A Active Balance

    It is possible to connect sets of 2 or more cells in parallel then connect the sets in series. It is better not to do it that way because you can't monitor each cell unless you connect them separately to the BMS.
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    Tell me about SolArk.

    Sorry for the delay. AltE Store set me up with 4 of these - MIDNITE SOLAR 600VDC SHUT OFF BOX RECEIVER because I have 4 strings. And one of these - MIDNITE SOLAR 12VDC SHUT OFF BOX TRANSMITTER
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    Must Read: EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) or leaking current/ voltage, and why you need to be aware

    I seriously didn't know better when I said that. I wear shoes and I am very careful when working with electricity.
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    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    Thanks for the video Ray. Someone recommended the dowel like you have but I had trouble getting the sandpaper to stay on. Now that I watched your video I will make it work like you did.
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    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    That is some valuable experience. Loosening and tightening the nuts over and over is likely to cause stud failure. Your cells are also more likely to shift around in your RV than they would sitting on a self in a stationary setting. The aluminum that the studs screw into is soft. I used a...
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    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    I just used plywood on the ends and threaded rods. I torqued them to about 5 inch lbs at 3.3V then charged them to 3.4V and re torqued to 10 inch lbs. Cycle them a few times and re torque to 10 inch lbs when you get to about 3.4V. They will flatten out some but you will still be able to tell...
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    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    My EVEs had some bloating until I put them in a restraining fixture and flattened most of it. I think they will be fine.
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    Sol-Ark problems by David Poz.. anyone else?

    I am a little surprised that people use the Solark for off grid. Its strong point is being able to juggle many things at once including the grid. I plan to add more panels and AC couple them to my Solark. That might help with the issue David was having. I am glad people are making videos about...
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    Compression question for EVE LF280K

    An inch pound torq wrench will work. Just set the torque when the cells are fully charged. If you set it when they aren't fully charged the pressure will increase when you charge them. In my opinion, the compression is just to keep the cells from bulging too much. If you use springs it is less...