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  • Post in thread: Charging a DIY battery from EV charger

    Type 2 are actually not chargers, they are only providing 240V power - the charger always sits in the EV. Most people think they installed "a charger in my garage" while in reality you only installed a fancy extension cord which negotiates power with your EV.
  • Post in thread: At what price does LFP storage make it possible to go off-grid?

    My grid tied PV system is by now 12 years old. Best year of production was year 8. second best was year 2. Year 12 wasn't much different from year 4. So far the panels are not degrading as fast as on the spec sheet. (cold Germany) with that rate I'm going to be at 90% by year 20. I can live...
  • Post in thread: "Ford secures battery supplies for 600,000 EVs a year from 2023"

    80% new vehicle sales will be EVs at 2028 (if supply permits) 99% by 2035 (the last niche applications will take a while to phase out) But average ICE vehicle currently is 12-14 years old. If we assume that large last bulk of ICE will be sold around then end of this decade we are looking at...
  • Post in thread: Lifepo4 + Hot Van

    Two things are reducing the battery temperature significant: 1. An open vent in the ceiling - heat rises - let it outside. 2. Keeping them at the floor - insulated During night time the temperature goes down - you just want to slow down the heat transfer during the day enough that the...
  • Post in thread: Using your Electric Vehicle to power your home

    I actually had a whole thread about this: With the first F150 Lightning hitting the used market - and soon being available for the $4000 used car EV credit - it gets a strong idea to use those...
  • Post in thread: Chins 24V 200AH 200A

    Looking good :) 5.1kwh output before it shut down. So the rated capacity is 5120wh. I've got my inverter shut off set at 22.0V - the battery BMS shuts down at 21.6V so there would be probably still be another AH or two in there. Further the Growatt only measures the output power - so it is...
  • Post in thread: Vertical Bi-Facial Solar Panels, Solar Fencing (not portray) there was just a study released last week. Seems like that vertical solar panels have even more yield then initially thought. Especially in hot climates (aka Texas)
  • Post in thread: Radiant in floor heating system

    similar, but no the same but I'm not in building science, just a home-owner with radiant floor heat ;) . As far as I know the German product stays dry for the life of the building - it's a granulate. You can just scope it out with a shovel. We had once a water leak and needed to dry the...
  • Post in thread: Solar "Hump" for aerodynamics for Class A RV

    Even with my 5500lbs horse trailer attached I'm still around 10mpg for most of my trips, The trailering MPG is actually a lot better then the pre-Hump mpg (8->10mpg), but I'm only on my second gas tank with that. So could be just a random climate occurrence. Next steps, front Air Dam :)
  • Post in thread: Natural Gas generator efficiency

    you got an insanely low off peak rate. You can never compete with a generator with that. Just buy enough batteries - charge during off peak and call it a day. a $2000 generator will never last 25 years, be happy if it's last 5 years. You need to change the oil every 100 hours, and lots of...
  • Post in thread: ventilation fan under panels

    Going to install a Dometic 800600 (powered) 800501 (non power) Low Profile vent next week or so. I picked them up in a sale for next to nothing- since they...
  • Post in thread: Safe Enclosure recommendations?

    5/8 drywall has a 90minute fire rating. When you layer 2 of those - you get a nice 3+ hour rating. You can build a drywall box with Rockwool comfort bat insulation on the inside. And as a side effect you buffer the battery against changes in temperature.
  • Post in thread: WOW! Absorption fridge vs compressor fridge

    many absorption fridges are terrible installed by the RV builder. Not a fault of the technology. They need airflow in the back and in the compartments. My absorption fridge had issues getting below 40F on hot days - on setting 5 out of 5. I added a $12 computer fan in the back - which runs...
  • Post in thread: "Ford secures battery supplies for 600,000 EVs a year from 2023"

    don't know how Australia's infrastructure for Bikes is. In many parts of Europe Bike Trails are separate from the road - and I mean there is at least a curb, often a meter+ of grass and a few trees. While in the US you got a white line painted on the right side of the street. (which isn't...
  • Post in thread: Hybrid Plug-In Electric Car - vs - Total Electric Car

    1 gallon of Diesel = 38kw/h The Turbo charged Diesel engines get about a 60% efficiency. 38 kwh/h * 0.6 = 23kw/h * 4-5 miles / kwh = 92-114 miles. Yeah you are right my 120 was of - still pretty darn good. While the Atkison Gasoline Cycle gives you only 38% and Gasoline only contains...
  • Post in thread: Solar "Hump" for aerodynamics for Class A RV

    First panel is up It sits almost flat against the roof at the leading edge with only the frame sticking out. The trailing edge is 3 -4 inches elevated.
  • Post in thread: Solar "Hump" for aerodynamics for Class A RV

    Solar Powered Electric RV with perfect Aerodynamic Properties for Permanent Full time living :P Every inch of the outside covered with panels.
  • Post in thread: Vertical Bi-Facial Solar Panels, Solar Fencing (not portray)

    I am just thinking Square Galvanized Fence posts. Better would be aluminum - but also much more expensive. Depending on your soil - can just use a manual fence post driver or rent a hydraulic driver - or contract a fence company. We could use those kind of fence clamps: to mount the...
  • Post in thread: Heating Pad Install Advice for LiFePo4 you can get those premade with a thermostat. RVs usually have them for their water holding tanks to prevent freezing of water.
  • Post in thread: EG4 18kPV Q+A general thread

    probably Sol Ark went on the safe side and configured/calibrated it that it always draws a little bit - instead of back-feeding. I'm a EE and just from my understanding of measurement technology and sensors - I can tell you that true "close to" Zero Export is not possible with current means of...
  • Post in thread: Vertical Bi-Facial Solar Panels, Solar Fencing (not portray)

    haha :) now we got a super fast easy vertical solar system which can be deployed in minutes. Just add water.
  • Post in thread: Chins 24V 200AH 200A

    I bought it Started testing with my 3000w Growatt. Charging with 50A then unplugging the RV and discharge later with 20A
  • Post in thread: At what price does LFP storage make it possible to go off-grid?

    Europe energy prices just tripled in the last 6 months. One kWh is now 43 cents Euro. The 4500kwh from my solar array is suddenly worth almost 2000 euro a year. (system had payback already a few years ago) A battery went from payback in 15 years to payback in less then 4. Do not assume...
  • Post in thread: Solar "Hump" for aerodynamics for Class A RV

    lol :P you know that aero on a Brick of the Size of my RV makes a huge difference? When you go from 8 mpg to 10 or 11 mpg , that really has daily application impacts. First - my fuel Tank is 40 Gallon, that is a fixed value. When I add one MPG - that's 40 miles of more driving on the same...
  • Post in thread: Japan’s SUPERB vaccine ethics…USA, Europe, Oz Governments: please TAKE NOTE

    My home country of Germany is also very science oriented. Still vaccine proportions are underwhelming. Some part of the German culture is just adverse to any sort of fast change. The focus of this is always in the long term.. Something which isn't on the market for a decade or two will be miss...
  • Post in thread: Bi-Facials, installation height matters just as much as the angle of the dangle

    I think that chart states that above 1m (108cm) 4 ft your don't have any additional gain anymore. It's not getting worse when you go higher up. You can put them on parkinglot above the cars and the would work excellent.
  • Post in thread: Gut check - am I crazy?

    I'm testing a biogas digester, produces indefinite amounts of methane biogas as long as you keep feeding it with yard waste and scraps. Feeds a BBQ and a cooktop. If testing is good, I'm going to build something more permanent.
  • Post in thread: Solar "Hump" for aerodynamics for Class A RV

    Got the low profile dometic vent installed. Should perfectly fit inside the second panel frame. The vent only vents to both sides, no lid to be raised. Very cool old product.
  • Post in thread: Solar "Hump" for aerodynamics for Class A RV

    I've added wind fairing to the front panel, before I took a 600 mile trip through Florida. It's a simple 1,5 inch aluminum angle - a with piece of roof flashing - and some VHB tape. Further then I secured the corners down with self tapping screws and self leveling RV roof sealer. So far...
  • Post in thread: EG4 Heat Pumps?

    Really depends on the climate you are in. It's $1300 + shipping. The usecase is limited. While you can grab a regular 12000 BTU heatpump local usually around $600. Then you just get el cheapo all in one inverter for $500 and you got a much more useful system for similar cost More wiring...