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  • Growatt SPF5000ES is not charging the battery completely

    Hello, my SPF5000ES does not charge the battery completely, it stops for no reason. It indicates a full battery while the voltage is 53.6v. I set #19 and #20 to 55.1v so why isn't it charging the battery? The BMS indicates approximately 3.351v per cell while the Remain Battery is at...
  • Battery not charging & SPF5000ES

    Hello, I connected my battery but the Growatt only charges it for a short time. The battery voltage is 54v so not fully charged. I set program 19 and 20 to 56v, program 5 is to BATT USE because there is no connection between the BMS and the Growatt. I currently produce around 2000w, the sky is...
  • SolarAssistant & usb issue ?

    Hello, in the Solar Assistant interface I have this on a certain day. What does this mean exactly? I have a Growatt SPF5000 in USB0 and a JKBMS in USB1.
  • Program 12 - Growatt SPF5000ES

    Good evening, could you explain to me the use of program 12 and 13 in the settings? I can't go lower than 50v, for what reason? I can put 51 or 52v but impossible to put 49v for example. I selected User mode in program 5
  • Growatt SPF5000ES error 04 and 20 ?

    Hello. Can you help me? This afternoon, I was like in the photo. I did a test, I disconnected the RJ45 cable between the SPF5000ES and the battery. Immediately, the Growatt cut off all electricity in the house and indicated an error 04 and 20 (low battery voltage and no communication with the...
  • BMS & Growatt SPF5000ES

    Hello. I just finished building my 48v@125Ah battery. Which BMS with balancer is 100% compatible with the Growatt SPF5000ES?
  • How to measure DC current?

    Hello, What device can I use to measure the current and voltage at the output of solar panels and deduce the power?
  • SPF5000ES, not return grid?

    Hello. I have an SPF5000ES and a 16S DIY battery. I just did a test, when the inverter is running on battery/solar and I open the battery circuit breaker, the inverter cuts power to the whole house, turns off and the Fault light turns red . Why does the inverter not immediately return to the...
  • Inverters Hypontech RS485 + esp32 ?

    Hello, I am French and I use the google translator. I have a Hypontech HPS4000D and would like to recover all of its data using an ESP32 and HomeAssistant. Have you ever tried? A tutorial on github to advise me? Good day
  • Batterie cells voltage?

    Hello, I'm French, sorry for my bad English. I would like to know if it is better to build a 12v / 100Ah battery or a 24v / 50Ah? For what reason? Thanks you
  • JKBMS and wire resitance

    Hello, what is the use of this page in the JKBMS software?
  • Growatt SPF5000ES and Grid ?

    Hello, I'm French and I use google translate. I don't have any battery on the inverter yet. On this graph the load (blue curve) is 1500w and the solar production (yellow curve) at this moment is approximately 3000w. Why the yellow curve is at the time heckled ? Why will the inverter draw...