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  • In all your free time (I kid!) is there any chance you could write up a post outlining what all the hoops and requirements and such you guys had to jump through to get the UL listings and stickers on your inverters? It comes up every so often but it's not a process that I can see most people on here dealing with. It would help explain why UL stuff is so much pricier than the Chinesium products from others. Thanks!
    hello, bought 3 eg4ll 48v 100 ah batts. have a sol-ark (SA) 8k. The man/spec she have conflicts and do not show all setting for SA
    can you list the settings for a Sol-Ark Inverter especially
    Empty Battery and the resistance
    Greetings -
    Richard & James... I had written a letter of support re the recent 8 pages of unpleasantness on the "Signature solar customer service is TERRIBLE" thread. Unfortunately I discovered too late that this PMing system only allows about 400 character messages! Do you have a Sig Solar email address that I might use instead?
    Thanks a bunch,
    - Dan O'Brien
    Polson, MT 59860
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