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  • RESOLVED: EG4 6500EX and 6000EX Lights Flickering FIRMWARE

    We are releasing a firmware update on our website and here in this post that resolves the flickering light issue on the most recent batch of EG4 6000 and 6500 inverters. Who does this affect: people with EG4 6k and 6.5k units Shipped after November first who are experiencing lights flickering...
  • EG4 18kpv + PowerPro Wallmount 14.3kwh is now CEC

    We are excited to announce that our PowerPro ESS series with 280Ah WallMount battery and 18kPV hybrid inverters are listed with CEC, effective Nov 30th 20223. Listings can be found here...
  • Signature Solar Lighting Demo Video tech details

    Guys, I wanted to supply details on the bulbs and methodology for this video here we used the keystone KT-LED13PAR38-F-840 to avoid flicker, the GE relax LED8DAGSW90 was the flickering one the strip lights were Lowes utilitech the two bright lights in the middle were 40W high power bulbs...
  • The EG4 18Kpv CAN handle 18/21kW of PV on its inputs

    All, I just want this thread out there if people have concerns about PV capacity annd how the MPPTs are supposed to work on the 18Kpv We have: -1x 25A input -2x15A inputs Both of these are max voltage open circuit (VOC ) of 600v, always derate for colder temperatures as the name plate VOC on a...
  • Discussion of cells with diy battery bank

    the cheapest cell on the market is the 280ah, big announcement coming this week
  • Safe Grid Use of the 5000ES and transformer

    UPDATED: Issue #1: neutral-ground bonding, we have had these units ship under the American version, The PCB is not the same, some others here show removing the screw bond, but then find that the board still has a conductor trace that leaks to ground. This is why you need to buy these from an...
  • EG4 18kPV Round trip Efficiency and overall system efficiency data and calcs

    Alright guys! Here is some data about running a whole house off the grid/in self consume mode for several months on the 18k AIO Battery charge+discharge efficiency is 89.4% for energy stored and used after sunset daytime efficiency is 97.5%, power coming directly from solar panels to AC output...
  • Funny story about the east-west panel spread-out idea

    OK, to get to the point here you will not get some “spread out of power production” by pointing your panels direct east and west. In summary the sum of the gains in the morning for the east panels plus the sum of the losses in the morning from the west panels equal the same production curve...
  • Zapper77 is a total Genius

    @Zapper77 I haven't even tried this yet lol
  • Where the "ChargeVerter" name comes from

    In order to get over 1500w of 48v power before people had to get a dedicated inverter like a 5000es to charge their batteries, in several systems that had this the guys and I would refer to these dedicated charging inverters as "Chargeverters" Just saw the question 100 times and had to put...
  • EG4 Official Neutral Ground Bond Thread.

    In this video, Brayden from EG4 dives into Neutral-Ground Bonding scenarios and how they are affected by different use cases.
  • EG4 only uses DC-rated breakers.

    EG4 products are UL tested and rated by other NRTL labs as well. no pass would have been granted with AC-only breakers in use we have posted videos of them tripping with DC in the appropriate time. EG4 has never used AC-Only breakers on batteries Threads or comments implying otherwise are...
  • Putting more than 8kw on an EG4 6500ex

    This question comes up a decent amount, since the mppt is power-limiting what would be the harm with using more solar, like 12kw on a single 6500w unit if you have it? The units will initially work alright if you keep the VOC limit minded, you could use 30kw and you would work fine for a good...
  • I don't like adjustable racking

    Here is the case on the spreadsheet below Less than 5% more power in my Texas case study, if you pay even $2k more for that you will never pay out, plus you just gave yourself a job feel free to...
  • Big Announcement: Full Tigo panel monitoring inside the EG4 18Kpv and 6000xp

    Now you get the full experience in one App, this is a big deal for installers
  • LIFEPOWER4 and EG4LL 48v packs work with anything we've tried so far

    Folks, rumors are here and there of incompatibility with one inverter or another, here are the brands we have tried fully so far: -SolArk -Growatt -MPP solar/Rich Solar -Schhneider Conext, All Models -Outback Radian, FXR, (the 3524 requires 3 packs though, most 24v needs at least 2 packs)...
  • LIFEPO4 battery site fire safety

    NFPA 855 One thing about ESS systems that is often overlooked is the requirement to keep flammable materials over 4ft away in all directions. It's not as much about the batteries...
  • Residential Payback for Off-Grid Solar Q1 2023 (grid connected)

    Guys, I figured I would start a thread here, I only ask that all comments contain math in them as this is a math problem, too many words only comments on other threads IMO here are the numbers I am seeing in Texas: 1600kwh/kw/year (grid tied) -battery system inefficiency (~10%)...
  • How To: Schneider and EG4 Battery Integration

    This video should cover everything, if you have any issues pls let us know in the comments below or share your success system images. IMPORTANT: you do not need to buy the Schneider battery monitor if you buy these batteries; save yourself some money pls.
  • Live streams are coming

    Wanted some ideas guys for things people would like discussed in more unscripted convos with the community. Just post any topic that might make a valuable conversation
  • New EG4-LL battery: Diesel Fire put out by internal fire extinguishers in the

    We actually put a diesel drenched rope in it first, then had to up the temp by pouring more diesel in and dropping in the rag. A class D fire extinguisher was on hand to put it out if an issue had started thermal runaway. This is not covered under warranty LOL
  • EG4 18Kpv system monitoring

    Here is an off-grid 2500ft2 home using 600V pv input
  • Cool Graph of load and duty cycle on 4 ton AC at night

    4 ton AC, day temp 94, night 78 ac temp 68 Just an anecdote
  • Schneider XW Pro 6.8kw insane load test

    This is amazing, I wonder if any other inverter on the market could pass this test
  • Best portable grounding ideas

    Guys, have some friends looking to have a high joule fence charger that they want to move around. Typically calls for 2x6ft ground rods Are there any grounding kits out there with multiple small rods that add up to that and the assembly can move easily?
  • 5.8 kWh per Gallon Honda Generator to DC @ 93% efficiency

    This was just a cool test. I wonder what others are getting with non-inverter generators of different sizes and ages??
  • Input needed: DIY BMSes to closed loop support

    hey guys, moving harder to more universal closed-loop support on inverters, pls post the ideas that would be best to work on here
  • LIFEPOWER4 with Solark/Deye Victron, Schneider, data logging and 32 pack support with the communication hub

    this should be the device and video reference for this question if needed
  • We did a load test on the new EG4 6000EX inverter

    Just a couple notes: -The loads on the 2 unit parallel test were not blind unbalanced -The one unit test was run long enough to demonstrate continuous capacity Let us know what the team could go further on next time if y'all get any ideas