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    We are releasing a firmware update on our website and here in this post that resolves the flickering light issue on the most recent batch of EG4 6000 and 6500 inverters. Who does this affect: people with EG4 6k and 6.5k units Shipped after November first who are experiencing lights flickering...
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    There are literally over 60,000 in house transactions every year, this place is a 1% boil-over, over 250 people at EG4 and SS are doing their jobs pretty well every day. When "things go wrong" Jess is the firefighter, sometimes people want to gain leverage and represent things on a forum their...
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    Comprehensive neutral ground bond video coming this week or by Tuesday next, making sure we get enough third party review because a lot of situations can be made with parallel stacks and we know what happens if we misplace an apostrophe lol
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    Hi There! We have your phone call from the 17th on this transaction, would love to post it for the group, have any issues with that?
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    3 things I will leak: idle wattage under 50, retail $1399, uses the same monitoring platform as the 18kpv
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    the 6500ex was a pain, QA passed, and the unauthorized chip changes with covered-up EEPROM failures. we are still battling for a final stable landing of the situation but are committed to full resolution, unlike the other retailers who cut and ran when this hit them. My RD team costs us millions...
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    buzzfile is off by a factor of 10. We have served over 50,000, people, stay here to keep humble even if it is a bunch of crusading retirees who haven't bought from us some days. What we believe is that if any of our actual customers thought we were insane as we have scaled up we need to listen...
  • Post in thread: EG4 18kpv + PowerPro Wallmount 14.3kwh is now CEC

    We are excited to announce that our PowerPro ESS series with 280Ah WallMount battery and 18kPV hybrid inverters are listed with CEC, effective Nov 30th 20223. Listings can be found here...
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    load test shootout coming :)
  • Post in thread: Signature Solar EG4 6.5K Off-Grid Inverter | 6500EX-48

    Our thinking here was as follows: -Throwing away the combiner boxes and using half sized wire can save at least $1k on a 10+kW system (Plus time/labor) -The MC4 pv inputs are gone per NEC code for passing permit in most locations -The EG4 battery comms are native -Warranty repair and parts...
  • Post in thread: States/Cities Attempting To Limit You Self Produced Power...

    This is one of the key topics to prepre for in the coming years, they will start treating us all like charter schools vs public schools and attempt to infringe the rights of off-gridders to prop up a broken government sponsored monopoly. One of the things that honestly make me passionate about...
  • Post in thread: Signature solar warranty department issues

    I am a distributor... other distributors get early access to this info as well... EG4 exists because I think manufacturers wont listen to and learn from the off grid and hybrid new market as well without it. focusing on growing Signature Solar currently, getting the systems in place to scale...
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    we are releasing the solark firmware next week. it is fully tested for EG4LL
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    Thanks for being understanding, this can be tough but it’s our job and we have near 200 people working here trying to take care of you guys and get better as they try.
  • Post in thread: EG4 6500 EX Under an Oscilloscope

    WIll be posting our scope readings today
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    We all love FilterGuy over here :) he does smile like Alfred too btw
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    While the attitude is a fair target over time (and we are becoming more robust in scale of people served and variety of problems prepared for) your expectations do not match the reality of a new generation of users trying to do and learn what it takes to get power independence within months of...
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  • Post in thread: The EG4 18Kpv CAN handle 18/21kW of PV on its inputs

    All, I just want this thread out there if people have concerns about PV capacity annd how the MPPTs are supposed to work on the 18Kpv We have: -1x 25A input -2x15A inputs Both of these are max voltage open circuit (VOC ) of 600v, always derate for colder temperatures as the name plate VOC on a...
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    Sneak peek, pretty bad-ass
  • Post in thread: Signature Solar Lighting Demo Video tech details

    Guys, I wanted to supply details on the bulbs and methodology for this video here we used the keystone KT-LED13PAR38-F-840 to avoid flicker, the GE relax LED8DAGSW90 was the flickering one the strip lights were Lowes utilitech the two bright lights in the middle were 40W high power bulbs...
  • Post in thread: Signature Solar Sales/Discounts ... do they do this often or is this Really a Sale?

    People like you literally have a career hundreds of comments deep on smearing us sir, so no surprise that you are very aware of whatever campaign to create a disproportionate impact you are on. 15 minutes are not a reliable time amount in Solark reviews, We averaged 3.5 minutes in tech support...
  • Post in thread: Zapper77 is a total Genius

    most important point: Zapper is a Genius
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    5 people still on the phones providing tech support at Signature Solar 7pm Friday BTW
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    Me too
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    Simply put: I am the publicly listed 100% owner of both companies, EG4 has to support and listen to multiple distribution channels, and Signature Solar is focused on the DIY buyer/Electrician/ installer moving to solar+storage. I'm also a middle kid in a family of 10 and like arguments too much...
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    Anyone in this thread is invited to come to visit in person, schedule with me and I will reimburse you travel and hotel costs. I have 5 slots for power users this year (people with full systems from us or over 200 support comments on the forum) We are 4 months in on a brand name CRM system, I...
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    Pls send us any payment instrument that they used to take money from you so we can take care of you and I can yell at my Fedex rep lol
  • Post in thread: EG4 14.3kWh PowerPro WallMount AllWeather Lithium Battery | 48V 280Ah

    In case people want closer gut picts. This pack is on the same infrastructure and BMS software as the LL battery
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