diy solar

diy solar


Where it all started:

24V WZRLB 2kW inverter
2S Full River DC215-12 batteres
Cheap 60A MPPT, CC/CV only
4X 330W Talesun panels.

HBR, USA (6500' in ENE AZ)
Current or Future Solar Power System
2X Victron Quattro 48/5000 parallel for 120/240V split phase
250/100 MPPT
6kW Talesun 330W 72 cell panels (3kW deployed)
Smart battery sense (SBS)
Have SBS, BMV and 2X Quattro temp sensors connected.
300A Class T fuse
Batrium WM5
14S 450Ah (23.3kWh) Li NMC battery is deployed! (Assembled from used PHEV battery packs. Tested capacity is 87.7% of rated)

Have another 23.3kWh battery waiting to be built.

Backup: Original 24V "learning" system, 2kW 24V "Reliable" PSW inverter, 2S Fullriver DC215-12 (5.1kWh), 2 phase cheap Amazon 60A MPPT and Junctek battery monitor. 18 285W used panels from SanTan. No. I don't know what I'm doing with them yet. They might get deployed as E/W arrays on the 60A controller.


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  1. Check the FAQ! How-to design a system: Irradiance by City and/or Simulate array at your location, Energy Audit.
  2. #1 cause of "weird" issues is bad connections. Check for proper torque, good crimps and no washers or shrink in the current path (washers under bolt head fine. washers between terminals and cables, bad). Already did it? Do it again. Make sure you check EVERY connection in the full circuit path.
  3. Off-grid system performance.
  4. On no... it's a smoke... ; Yes! Success! Not a Joke! Oh! Explode! What? Explode? Oh no, it's a fail. Fail! Fail.
  5. DIY Checklist
  6. Victron Wiring Unlimited - Section 3 for Paralleling batteries
  7. Grounding/Earthing (from timestamp - stick with it a few minutes)
  8. Over-paneling Victron MPPT (simply never exceed Voc or PV input Isc).


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