24v system for Jeep Wrangler


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In the planning phase for a 24v setup for my 2020 Jeep Wrangler (240 amp smart alternator). This will be used mainly to power an induction cooktop (AC, ~1700 w max) and tiny 24 v air conditioner (~120-250 w avg consumption), and a small fridge (12v, 36w maybe 50% duty cycle). I’m going 24v to support the induction cooktop and because it’s the native voltage for the AC. I’ll eventually add some solar, but it’s not on the top of my priority list as the roof is small and my travel style has me driving a few hours a day minimum, which means I’d like to charge mainly from the alternator.

I currently own two new 12v/100ah battleborns that I would like to use.

So, it seems I really only need to pick up a 12v to 24v DC charger and the 24v inverter. Anything I’m missing here? Is there a generally recommended 12v to 24v charger?

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It'll be fun they said
... Tiny Air Conditioner? Do tell! I'm interested in these expedition vehicle builds.. Thanks

Have you looked at a 'buck convertor' to get the 12v up to 24? That's a popular method, and seems reliable.
A 2000w invertor for 24v might be a bit expensive. You're batteries should do just fine.


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So, right now I'm looking at the ZeroBreeze2. It's not very powerful, but I really only have around a (poorly insulated) 42cubic foot sleeping area... which I think the Zero breeze will be overkill for. There are several other Chinese ripoffs and I'm even considering sourcing my own compressor and other parts to make something really custom and space-efficient. This will probably be the very long-term solution I land on. Something like a Chilli-pad is also on my radar as these types of things can heat as well (otherwise I plan on running a heating pad rather than forced air.)

My goal is just to be able to sleep cool. I sleep so much better at a chilli 68 than I do at a sweaty 78.

As for the buck converter... is it really that simple? I've used them before to run (12v -> 24v) hue strip lights (so cool to be able to use my phone to control the light temperature late at night) in my cooking area. Is something like this good? At $39, I guess I could always keep a spare or two on hand.

Is there a brand that is commonly used? The thought of pushing 40+ amps through something so cheap makes me nervous. Is it going to catch fire 2 years down the road? Is it possible to run 2 or 3 smaller buck converters in parallel?

For the inverter, I was looking at this Gaildel Inverter.

Will recommends a smaller unit of these in several of his videos. Any good?
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Something to look at. No actual experience.

Oh very cool! Reminds me a little of Cruising Comforts product line, except more compartmentalised so you can put the components where you need them. Looks like these are meant for van conversions and at 20k btu are way bigger than I need/want. Thanks for the link though… certainly some inspiration.


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Your converter link was backwards..you need a step UP buck converter. Here's a beefy one.
I've been considering building my own mini Ac as well...
If considering your own, check this out. Might be an easy way to score the components that are suited for each other. Then, I suspect you can move the pieces of the system to their own locations, redo the lines, and refill with refrigerant and you’re good to go. Might make the diy process easier.

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