5.6kw solar array producing only 2kw during peak sun.


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Me too. If there’s another issue overlaid on this, solving the connector will be done with and it will be even easier to diagnose any remaining problems 🖖


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I got tired of waiting on the installer (Heading back home to the US on Friday) and went back on the roof to figure out the issue myself. All the MC4 connectors that's paralleled were badly crimped and or burn from improper connections and using the wrong pins together. I change the 3 pairs of MC4 and got a new pair of Y connectors and will report back tmr if this was definitely the issue.

I really hope the MC4's on the panels themself aren't damage as that would mean removing all the panels to fix them.


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Yikes. That sure looks like a problem.

You don't have an installer. You have a hack.
I showed him the picture and he’s saying the MC4 connectors themselves are cheap nock offs. That may be so but I told him he still did a poor job crimping them.


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Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 11.29.06 AM.png
So those connectors were differently the issue! I'll keep my eye on it for the next few days and also check on the connections the night before i leave to make sure they're not burning again.

These are the MC4 i'm using Slocable Solar Panel Connector. They were source local in Jamaica so I don't have much option. They seem to be good enough but only time will tell.