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A Little Credit Where Due


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Jun 9, 2022
Central TX
I've read all the posts, both pro and con, about Signature Solar over the past year but have been hesitant to join in the fray. After my last purchase, a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was time to give credit where credit is due.

I have made four purchases from SS, two were shipped, two were local pickup (my off grid cabin is in SE OK and my route from Central Texas takes me with a mile of the SS warehouse). So far I have purchased from SS a Growatt 3K inverter, two EG4 batteries (one LiFePro4 and one EG4-LL(V1), one 3 position battery rack, a 10 amp charger, and a 40 amp charger. My PV array is currently 1600 watts (16 x100W 4S4P) all mounted on SS mini rails. The system is still a work in progress.


I have never had a problem with any of the hardware, it has all funtioned as advertised. For the last two weeks I have powered my camper, a small fridge, lights in the cabin, and numerous power tools (compressor, nailers, chop saw, etc.) off the system and never saw a fault (the only fault I have ever seen is when I forgot to connect the BMS to the inverter). The weather was not kind this trip but only one day did I have to use the generator and charger to bring the batteries back up to full charge and that happened without any drama.

I asked for technical support, with regard to compatibility between the LiFePro4 and the EG4-LL(V1), prior to my last purchase and received an answer (plus a full description on how to connect and setup) within 24 hours. I had an additional question a week or so later that took a few days to get an answer but that was because I asked it in a reply to the original support message, not a new support request, and the originator was not in the office. Another tech person, monitoring the other person's email, saw my unanswered questions and shot me an answer.

With regard to customer relations, I had scheduled my pickup for 1 PM but made better time than I anticipated and arrived right at 12 noon when the SS warehouse is closed for lunch. My wife and I were just getting ready to fix our own lunch in the parking lot when an SS employee walked by and told me to go into the office anyway and someone would take care of me, which I did. By the time the friendly young lady in the office took my order details and I walked back out the door, a young man was pushing a cart wil my order over to my truck.

Lucky? Unusual? Non-typical? I can't say. I can only report how my dealing with SS have been in the past. I'm sure some of the horror stories are true (even though it's hard to know what percentage are self-inflicted). I do believe SS is having growing pains but that is a pretty nice problem to have when you are building a business, I can't even imagine the problems trying to hire experienced technical folks in Sulphur Springs, TX, it's bad enough in Austin.

And it's hard to beat their prices!

Just my thoughts, your mileage may vary.
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