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Adding on-grid (or parallell) function to EASUN SMH-ii (Voltronic Axpert MKS clone)?


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Apr 5, 2024
I happen to have an EASUN SMH-ii-7K inverter and another similar 4.2KW inverter I'm not sure the brand or type of. The smaller unit has grid tie and battery-less capability, but no parallell function. The larger unit has no battery-less (despite it being in the product description), no grid-tie (despite having huge lettering "hybrid inverter") and no parallell function.

I know currently different models are sold when different features are required (SMX SV etc), but looking at old Voltronic descriptions all these units might have most of the capabilities depending on firmware/hardware add on modules. As mentioned grid-tie is the biggest interest for me (not to actually export - but that is besides the point of this thread) then parallell function. The inverter model with no parallell functionality is half the price of the one with. I don't even care about 3 phase.

Does anyone know anything about the above?