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Can I mix 260w with 265w in parallel?


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Jul 27, 2022
i am sorry for bothering I didn’t realize I asked a similar question before, I need an admin to delete this post if is possible
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Personally I think it is so close as to not be an issue whatsoever.

The parallel VS series calculators available online will report large losses if you plug your numbers in and IMO they are flawed and wrong in this particular scenario.

I'm sure someone will come along and school us.
Those are both good panels to combine.
Using Vmp & Imp (not Voc and Isc)

The math of combining is:
In series you add volts and use the lowest amps.
In parallel you add amps and use the lowest volt.

After volts * amps = watts.

The penalty for combining different panels depends on the the differences in the Vmp and Inp and the way they are combined.

You only have the Voc’s listed - (and those Voc’s are extremely close) as long as the Vmp are just as close you will have very little or no penalty for combining different panels.

As you combine panels in parallel be sure and watch the amps that are flowing down the wires and make sure the wires are big enough to handle it. (Caution some panels manufacturers use 12awg wire for the wire out of the panel - if you have that wire don’t exceed its current).
Hello guys, first of all, I want to thank you'll for helping me multiple times when I was purchasing and setting the equipment for my family in Cuba.

last time I bought 6 Jinko 265w, JKM265PP-60 voc: 38.6 ISC: 9.03

I saw that santansolar have some good offers now for shipping and I want to purchase.
12 Yingli 260w YL260P-29b, voc: 38.6
ISC: 8.91

my other option is: Jinko 260w JKM260P-60

voc: 38.1
ISC: 8.98

My question is. Can I mix my current 265w with this two variants of 260w?

Can I connect them in parallel? Thank you for all your help.

Come on bro... it's not like physics changed in the last year.

You should have been able to answer this yourself.
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Hey Evil Jason, you might even get away with combining in series. Based on specs. I'm not sure how different panels vary from each other under conditions other than STC.

6 of one, full dozen of the other? I assume you mean 3 strings in parallel.
Need to add up current in parallel, see if your inverter allows that much. Or does it have separate MPPT?

Design your array, series/parallel, voltage and current, and compare to MPPT specs.
Possibly 9s2p would be a better fit, possibly not.
Come on bro... it's not like physics changed in the last year.

Hmmm, Are you sure? :ROFLMAO:
Perhaps just a terrible memory?
I want to apologize, I forgot I asked a similar question one year ago, I am so sorry for bothering you guys

diy solar

diy solar