Costco has Ecoflow listed again!

not sure what items you are suggesting. i’m new at this. getting a battery and 6000 watt all in one what? could you post model suggestions and maybe links to them?
Oh, they are linked with such in the solar products and schematics link at the top of the forum page.


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other then the 240 volt option, what are the main reasons people go with 2 delta pros, OR 1 delta pro w/extra battery? we’re just looking to have a backup for power outages. if it lasts for for more then a day or two (rare up to this point), we’d likely recharge with our gas generator.
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Oh, they are linked with such in the solar products and schematics link at the top of the forum page.
we have limited sun available under a ton of trees. i’m guessing these alternatives aren’t a good option for that reason?
I see this is an older thread, but I wanted to get this out there for anyone interested in looking that the EF Delta Pro set of 2, mainly for 240V needs: Costco is offering a 2x gen + 240V harness kit for $4500 USD. Delivered.


Yes, I have seen Will's videos on how easy it is to build my own and so on, so no need to chastise me. I'm pointing this out for those who for whatever reasons are not interested in that path. Admittedly, I am on the fence. I like to think I can do the build, but this deal makes it pretty hard to see why I would. This is an easy path to

My use case doesn't really involve much in the way of PV charging since I am in Western Washington, and in the times of year I'd need/use this most (i.e., for my well pump) the sun isn't gonna yield much juice. In my case it is so I can run the well 2-3 times a year during power outages, run the freezers for a few hours a day, etc. w/o having to spin up my gas or propane generator.
how easy it is to build my own
I look at mine I built and looking back on it, the build was easy. It took dozens of hours and was pricey. Nothing wrong with getting this if it works for you.

If it will run your well pump, could be well worth it.
If you don’t mind going the refurb route on the Delta Pro (2 + 3 = 5 year warranty) you can assemble even a better deal right now

Delta Pro (Ecoflow eBay Store refurb): 2x $1599 (have to make two separate orders to get around $500 coupon limit)
DVC: $115 (Ecoflow eBay Store)
Nema generator cable: $30 (Ecoflow Store and others)

So $3343 for refurbs vs $4500 new through Costco.

I’m a huge fan of Costco and no doubt would always pay a premium for Costco’s support and return policy.
it’s a personal decision on whether the savings would be worth it to go refurb or not.
In fact I just canceled my Amazon order for this and ordered from Costco. Woo-hoo!
The really good point on buying from Costco is if you have a bad product you can simply and easily return it to Costco for refund or replacement. Ecoflow sold on Amazon is shipped and sold by Ecoflow so being a third party store any returns or replacement is via shipping back to Ecoflow which entails email tag can be quite protracted. ✌️