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Current price list of LifePo4 12v 100ah batteries (Ebay and Amazon)


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Apr 1, 2024
Greetings, friends. I talked with the company Feence through eBay. I asked them if it was confirmed that they also produce Feence, Elefast, Lisuateli and Mehrpow brand batteries, to which they replied yes; they also told me that they are a factory that currently produces batteries with at least twenty different brands. I have seen other brands with similar cases and prices, such as Elfhub or Moseworth. All these batteries are the same or very similar to the Elefast battery in Emily & Clark's Adventure video. This video shows that they are made of excellent materials, mainly the cells and the Bluetooth BMS (Jiabaida or JBD).

Currently, these are the prices of 12v and 100ah batteries on Amazon or eBay with shipping included:

Elefast 230$ ( BMS with bluetooth).
Lisuateli 190$ ( BMS with bluetooth)
Elfhub 190$ ( BMS with bluetooth)
Feence 185$ ( BMS with bluetooth)
Mehrpow 180$ ( BMS with bluetooth)
Fiunie 170$ ( BMS with bluetooth)
Moseworth 170$ ( BMS without bluetooth)

For my part, I still haven't decided between buying the Mehrpow or the Feence (BMS versions with bluetooth), as I think they are the most physically similar to the Elefast (from Emily & Clark's Adventure video), and they are also the most cheaper.

This is the video:
FYI: look at the size CAREFULLY pls, they are all not 1:1 replacement for some Lead Acid batts, make sure your space will fit them.
Do any of these have low temperature cut off that anyone has tested? Looking for a couple for my camper.
I have 4 Moseworth 12v, 100ah batteries. Ive been using one daily for over 6 months. I bought three more to make a 4 pack for my sailboat.
I test each battery I buy. Of the 4, two test consistently at 97 ah. The other two are just over 100ah. That said thats 3% short on ah. Still for $170 with shipping each i think its a good deal.
I have 4 Lisuateli's. First one was $190 shipped. Last two were $179 shipped. However in the last couple of days prices have gone up about $10. They have worked flawlessly so far. Bluetooth works well. It can't hold a connection for a whole day but I don't think it was really designed to do so. Xiaoxiang app reports DGJBD SP22S001 bms. Asked if there was a UART port on the bms and was told only Bluetooth.

Hopefully someone more adventurous than me will crack one of these open and can look at the bms more closely. When I search for SP22S001 it does not look like this model supports 4S so they may have a custom stripped down version. Would really like to know more about the bms. It does its job perfectly but would like to integrate the bms into my Victron system. Too many drops using Bluetooth so would like to see if it can be hacked in via serial.

diy solar

diy solar