Delta 1300 - Replace MC4 - XT60 Adaptor


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Nov 22, 2020
I'm considering a purchase of this device but after I watched Will's review, I'm curious about the stock 14 AWG MC4 to XT60 adaptor (XT60 being the necessary input connector).

I would run two, 100W panels, with an option to swap between Series and Parallel with a total connection length of approximately 15ft. Ideally, I only want one connection point between the XT60 and the MC4 connectors for the panels. However, I would appreciate not having to solder, but ultimately I may if necessary.

I have a few hypothetical questions:
  1. If I keep the stock 14 AWC MC4 - XT60 adaptor cable that comes with it, is there any benefit (this would be for the parallel option) to running 10 AWG cable from the panels to this adaptor? I understand that AWG 10 would be necessary if I were to run them in series. Also, would this harm the MC4 connector?
  2. Another option I thought of is to cut the provided XT60 adaptor off and solder a 10 AWG wire, effectively just replacing the 14 AWG. Because the max AMPS I'd be pulling from the parallel set up is ~17, this should be fine for the 60A rated XT60 connector. Has anyone done this?

I think I might be missing something. I just want to maximize my input.

Thanks in advance!!


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Jul 10, 2020
1. No harm. 10awg PV cable with MC4 connectors is very cost effective. 10awg would not be necessary in series as the series panels would have higher voltage. Parallel might require 10awg for the higher current.

2. 14awg can easily handle up to 20A, which is 3 100W panels in parallel. You could have 3S3P of 100W panels connected for 900W potential production even with the 400W, 65V/10A limitations. It would pull the 400W for the 900W array almost all day long.

I see no reason to cut the stock MC4/XT60 cable. Add MC4 PV wire and parallel adapters as needed.