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Eco flow pro set up


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Feb 29, 2024
Stamford, CT
I am completely new to solar. I bought an eco flow pro along with a back up battery and two 400 watt panels. My main purpose for the system was to have something in case of a power outage and not have to rely on gas.

Eco flow is recommending the smart panel 2 for my set up. Is that the smartest way to

if the system is hooked up to the smart panel 24/7 wouldn’t it constantly be receiving a charge and be bad for the battery? and if the battery is completely full and it receives a charge from The panel and then also from the solar does that extra energy from solar go towards my electrical?

Also I’ve been reading about having to disconnect solar at night to avoid damage to the battery but it seems ridiculous to do that. Is there any real truth to that. Maybe that’s true for different applications but not mine with just the 2 panels?

Again im completely new to this and just nervous I just spent 6k and am going to hook up things the wrong way to damage my system.
If it’s like the other EcoFlow products I’ve used, you can set in the software when it will pull grid power or not. For example, only when the battery gets down to a certain level, so you should be good there.

I’ve heard that claim before about needing to disconnect the solar panels at night. I never have done that with any products including EcoFlow and never have had any issues as a consequence. As far as I’m concerned the only thing you would accomplish is to wear out the connectors you are plugging and unplugging every day.
Thanks. I did reach out to Eco Flow too who just got back to me and said:
Regarding your concern about solar panel connectivity, it is not necessary to disconnect your solar panels from the system every night. EcoFlow products are designed with battery protection systems that prevent damage from continuous solar panel connection. The system intelligently stops charging once the battery is full, so there's no risk of overcharging even if the panels are connected 24/7.
I can confirm that the Ecoflow Pro will turn off solar charging automatically when there is no load on the panels. It will turn back on and start charging automatically when the panels start receiving sun (i.e. load is on). No worries leaving connected 24/7. Biggest issue I've been navigating is the narrow amp/volt window for solar charging.
Smartpanel 2 is easier but way more expensive. If you or someone you know is good workin g with electrical this video will save you thousands of $!

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diy solar

diy solar